Ruben Schreurs

Ruben Schreurs


Ruben operates as Group Chief Product Officer at Ebiquity Plc (LSE:EBQ), the company that acquired his business (Digital Decisions) in 2020. He is passionate about quality journalism and aims to support the free press where he can.

About Ruben

Ruben started his career in digital advertising in 2011, and has worked on all sides of the advertising & media industry since. He is passionate about eradicating wastage and corruption in the industry, and believes there is a huge opportunity to redirect wasted funds to high quality publishers instead.

Why quality journalism matters

"Independent high quality journalism is paramount to our democracy. I like the statement of the Washington Post a lot: Democracy Dies in Darkness. The triumphs of the joint investigation into Navalny's poisoning by Bellingcat, CNN and Der Spiegel, is a perfect example of this. Or the Panama Papers investigation where Suddeutsche Zeitung partnered with journalists from over 100 media organisations in 80 countries.

Some other examples of landmark journalism that I absolutely devoured are the investigation into Enron, and the subsequent book The Smartest Guys In The Room by Bethany McLean and Peter Elkind. A more recent investigative masterpiece - in my opinion - is Bad Blood by WSJ's John Carreyrou."